A few things:

1. Price: each painting is $150.

2. I don't paint animals without toppings. That topping is preferred to be a fruit or vegetable however other food items may be considered on a case by case basis. Non-food items will not be considered.


3. While I will make every effort to make the painting look like your specific pet, it will likely be a resemblance for all intensive purposes. If your pet has some specific - and large - scar that will greatly increase the likeness ;) 

3. Despite the somewhat visual generic-ness your painting will definitely be infused with your pet's soul. To make this possible please include one or two anecdotes that best capture your pet's joie de vivre. 

5. I'll follow up with you over email to get more details, pictures, payment, and shipping info.

Name: Gus

Breed: Aussiedoodle

Topping: Grapefruit


The sweetest little boy that has a couple not-so-sweet moments every single hour

Name: Sandy

Breed: Maltese

Topping: Filet o' Fish


Sandy goes by many names. Sando, Sandita, Sanderina, Sanderella, the Puppo, the Gubber, and a thousand more iterations of her name and dogness. She takes all of our wackiness in stride and only occasionally judges us and runs back to her crate. Sandy’s tolerance of the outdoors and physical activity is fairly low. If I leave the screen door open and toss her the ball, she’ll fetch it and run back inside to play with it on the rug.

Name: Bianca

Breed: Corgi

Topping: Crown Roast


Bianca is sweet and beautiful and a devoted little companion. When I first got her, I crated her when I went out but realized she didn't like the crate so I let her have the run of the house. One day I drove home and I looked up at my house and she appeared in my bedroom window with one paw on the window sill and the other on the glass looking at me and I realized she was up on my chaise lounge and now she greets me that way every day.

Name: Midas

Breed: Goldendoodle

Topping: Cheeseburger


Midas is a dorky doodle who's kind-hearted and easy to get along with. He loves meeting new people and showing off his (very limited) amount of tricks. Midas rarely barks but he does grumble a lot if someone invades the spot where he's lying on the couch.

Name: Bruno

Breed: Griffon

Topping: Cheeseburger


Bruno used to get a big hamburger on his birthday that he would wolf down and then immediately throw up. It took my parents 3 years to figure out they probably shouldn't feed him giant hamburgers. 

Bruno is the best hunter and companion anyone could ever hope for--he is fiercely loyal and will retrieve bumpers until you are too tired to throw them. He tries to keep from chasing birds (since he's a pointer) but one time in the backyard he chased and caught...

Name: Larry David

Breed: Black and White Cat

Topping: Cantaloupe


Larry loves to hide in the kitchen cabinets freaking out Chloe and Henry as they think he must have escaped outside.   He got out once and came back completely covered in dirt.

Name: Izzy

Topping: Nebraska Corn

Breed: Black Lab


Izzy just wants to be loved. So bad. So so bad. Given that, she is so eager to please and simultaneously a bit anxious. Indeed she was rescued/adopted from Florida, a place that also makes me a bit anxious. Sometimes, when she is lying on her side to get a belly rub, she exposes one of her fangs. It's hardly menacing, its sort of an awkward smile. You know the ones that 3 years dish out when told to "say cheese." She is great with kids, attempts to be a...

Name: Sophie

Breed: Unknown

Topping: Artichoke

Sophie is my first international order (Canada) and also my first corporate client as she was given as a gift by a financial planning firm.  I don't know much about her, but I bet she's really friendly and likes to nip at the heals of bigger dogs in the park.

Name: King Looie

Breed: Tabby

Topping: Crown

This is King Looie. He's my first non-fruit or veg painting But he earned it with that name. 

Name: Mr. Cool

Breed: Tabby

Topping: Tomato

This is Mr. Cool. He's my first paid commission. His owner did NOT like the tomato at first but she's coming around :) 

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