Name: Bruno

Breed: Griffon

Topping: Cheeseburger


Bruno used to get a big hamburger on his birthday that he would wolf down and then immediately throw up. It took my parents 3 years to figure out they probably shouldn't feed him giant hamburgers. 

Bruno is the best hunt...

Name: Larry David

Breed: Black and White Cat

Topping: Cantaloupe


Larry loves to hide in the kitchen cabinets freaking out Chloe and Henry as they think he must have escaped outside.   He got out once and came back completely covered in dirt.

Name: Izzy

Topping: Nebraska Corn

Breed: Black Lab


Izzy just wants to be loved. So bad. So so bad. Given that, she is so eager to please and simultaneously a bit anxious. Indeed she was rescued/adopted from Florida, a place that also makes me a bit anxious. Sometimes, w...

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