Name: Sophie

Breed: Unknown

Topping: Artichoke

Sophie is my first international order (Canada) and also my first corporate client as she was given as a gift by a financial planning firm.  I don't know much about her, but I bet she's really friendly and likes to nip at t...

Name: JJ

Breed: Lab

Topping: Pineapple

JJ is tireless for chasing tennis balls, swimming etc.  I spend every morning throwing balls down my street. His biggest fear isn't pain or hunger but that we might do something fun without him.  He is also like a loaded spring. He...

Name: King Looie

Breed: Tabby

Topping: Crown

This is King Looie. He's my first non-fruit or veg painting But he earned it with that name. 

Name: Mr. Cool

Breed: Tabby

Topping: Tomato

This is Mr. Cool. He's my first paid commission. His owner did NOT like the tomato at first but she's coming around :) 

Name: Goby

Breed: Goldendoodle

Topping: Banana

Goby's a lot like a quiet well-wisher. She goes up to folks, gives them a sniff, a thumbs up, wishes them a nice day and moves on. She's like everybody's favorite neighbor.

Goby's more Muppet than dog. She's very sweet, not...

Name: Trooper

Breed: Doberman

Topping: Cherries

Why we love Trooper: Trooper is a funny dog!  He looks like a tough guard dog (which he can be) but he also loves a good costume.  He is our class clown, devious mastermind and cuddler all in one giant personality.


Name: Nash
Breed: Catahoula Mix
Topping: Eggplant

Why We Love Nash:

We were out on a walk in the woods with my brother, sister-in-law, their two kids and dog and the 2.5 y.o., had to go potty. As our nephew drop-trou to poop in the woods, Nash came swooping in and snag...

Name:     Mister Kitty

a.k.a.       Mister

Topping: Sushi

I rescued mister when he was 4. He is now 16 and a super grump. He hates his two other cat brothers, loves treats, and is a master at napping. He is the sweetest cuddliest cat, but just to...

Name:     Gravy

a.k.a.       Gravy Boat

Topping: Gravy Boat

Gravy is the alpha kitty of the house, however, scared of everything. He paces the perimeter of the house every few hours to make sure everything is in order. He is super smart, can open...

Name:     Biscuits

a.k.a.       Biskies

Topping: Biscuits (of course)

While watching biscuits the other day I found myself simultaneously googling "how to tell if my cat is retarded". Biscuits is more dog than cat. Loves people, loves attention, l...

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Sophie: Artichoke

May 8, 2017

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